5 of today’s most hottest industries of Australia for employment

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Australia is usually among the first preferences by professionals seeking for a new lease of life in a foreign country. Ever wondered why? Researches have found that  among every 10 foreign professionals that migrate to the country, 8 find employment in the country promptly and this has fascinated foreign professionals to a great extent. Reviews about Australia also highlight the amazing fact about its ever-growing labor market that- the Australian labor market is one among those western labor markets that has all-time job openings for professionals of every stream foreign professionals with relevant skills and talent to migrate to the nation on a permanent basis and contribute to the growth of its economy.

While the Skilled Occupation List of Australia will help you learn the vacancies of Australian job market, we would like to help you learn about the 5 industries that are trending and attracting foreign professionals to a large extent.

  1. Education and Training

In the rat race of keeping itself positioned among the nations with highest literacy rate, Australia is focused on creating universities and schools in every region. This has eventually listed the education and training sector of Australia in the listings of most in-demand jobs of Australia. Well, it does not end there.  The Department of Employment of Australia has also placed an estimation that the demand would grow by 13.3 percent by 2018, eventually giving room to over 58,900 employment opportunities for professionals with skills and expertise to take up employment in this sector.

  1. Healthcare and Medical

Any healthcare and medical professional migrating to Australia can set his roots firm in the country by easy means. We say because the NSW Government has predicted that the job numbers of the healthcare and medical sector are to grow by 16.3 percent by November 2018. The Health Workforce Australia has also listed a shortage of over 109,000 nurses and the country is welcoming foreign nurses to fill in this shortage by 2025. Moreover, the existing nurses reaching their retirement age and the need for more specialized nursing is forcing the country to depend upon talent from outside, marking the healthcare and medical sector on the list of most in-demand jobs of Australia.

  1. Construction Industry

Over the years, the demand for professionals in the building trades sector remained to the urban areas. But, now with widespread of construction industries within the country, the demand for professionals in building trades has eventually increased. Researches state that today, the industry has increased to an extent where technicians and trade workers make up more than half of the industry.  According to the Industry Employment Projections Report of 2014, produced by the Department of Employment, Australia, the construction industry is expected to grow 8 per cent by November 2018 and the jobs openings are to rise by 83,5000 by the end of 2018.

  1. Information and Communication Technology

Technology and Communications being an integral part of every industry, the ICT has become one of the most in-demand industries for employment of Australia. The ICT is looking for foreign talent with innovative and specialist skills, mostly Computer Network professionals. According to the recent report of the Industry Projections by the Department of Employment, the demand for computer network professionals is to increase by 20.5% by 2018. Overall, 12.8% growth is expected in the technology sector by end of 2018- as per the Occupation Projections Report.

  1. Design and Architecture

The demand for architects in Australia set its pace in 2014 and eventually made it one of the most sought after profession in Australia. The Housing Industry Association has forecasted over 183,000 new dwellings to be built within the coming years and the country is looking for foreign talent to contribute their skills and experience to achieve success to this projects. Also, businesses of Australia are looking for innovative and sophisticated online environments and are depending upon digital designers from various countries to migrate to Australia and be a part of its advancing technology sector.