Want to live in any beautiful region of Australia? Apply for a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (subclass 187)

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Beautiful landscapes and peaceful regional towns- these two aspects paint a beauty in Australia that is admired across the globe. Skilled workers who prefer to work and live in regional areas of international countries often mark Australia to be their dream destination because of the beauty the regional areas of Australia behold. Besides enhancing every aspect of the regional towns for a convenient accommodation of foreign skilled workers, Australia has designed and efficient and effective visa program that helps such foreign workers to migrate to regional Australia and settle in the respective region on a permanent basis. This program is called the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187).

Why a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 187)?

While the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme of Australia aids foreign national with a permanent entry into Australia for work, simultaneously it helps the regional authorities to support growth and development by the supply of relevant skills. This means that this visa helps the rural employers to nominate qualified and skilled workers to migrate to the specific region of Australia and take up a permanent employment in their business. On receiving such a sponsorship, a visa holder of the Regional Migration Scheme can enjoy the following benefits:


  • Live and work in Australia indefinitely as a permanent resident
  • Travel to and from Australia for about five years
  • Enroll for study in any school or university of Australia
  • Be entitled to subsidized healthcare benefits by Medicare
  • Receive social security benefits
  • Sponsor family/eligible relatives for Australia immigration
  • Apply for Australian citizenship (after a specific period of time)

Who can be sponsored for a Regional Sponsored Migration scheme visa (subclass 187)?

Firstly, an applicant is entitled to this visa if he has been sponsored by a regional employer running his business in any Australian region except Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Wollongong and Newcastle. Also, it is mandatory that the nomination is not older than six months. However, the following criteria is also taken into account for visa processing.

  • Age of applicant must not be over 50 years
  • Must have eligible English language skills
  • The applicant must have required qualification and skills (mandatorily hold registration/ license/professional membership or must be termed suitable by any relevant assessment body)
  • Be proven as medically fit and morally decent
  • Meet the requirements of the stream you are applying for

A visa holder of the Regional Sponsored Migration scheme is allowed to work under the any one of following three streams:

  1. The Temporary Residence Transition Stream: This stream aids occupants with a Temporary Work Skilled Visa (subclass 457) to take up a permanent employment in the respective occupation by being sponsored by their employer. The condition associated is that his employment is neither subjected to a labor agreement nor has any valid nomination lodged under the Temporary Residence Transition with the Australian government.
  2. The Direct Entry Stream: This stream enables skilled workers who have a valid nomination by a regional employer or have never or for a small period of time have worked in Australia. Also, it is for the temporary residents who do not qualify for a Temporary Residence Transition stream.
  3. The Agreement Stream: This stream is specifically for Temporary Work Skilled Visa (subclass 457) holders who are nominated by an employer through a labor agreement.

Cancellation of the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187)

The visa authorities have the right to cancel your visa if they find that you are not making genuine efforts to begin your employment within the six months from the date of your visa grant. The authorities may also cancel the visa if they find that you have called off your employment with the regional nominating employer before completion of two years. Also, if the authorities find you violating any of the rules and regulations of the Australian Immigration Laws, they can immediately cancel your visa.